At my grandmother Patricia’s former home in Calabar, Nigeria.

In Christmas 2019, I boarded a flight to Nigeria, by way of Cairo, to visit family. It had been a few years since I’d seen them, and of course I’d put on a few pounds, which everyone let me know. (There’s a reason, but I’ll save my gut health issues for another post!) The older I get, the more it occurs to me that, back home, I’m always somebody’s child.

Respect for elders is paramount in Nigerian culture — and certainly so for the Ibibio, my family’s ethnic group. My parents met as college students in the States and, growing…

Sometimes the best plan is the one you didn’t think up.

Iquo B. Essien, Creator of Crowdfund Your Dream (Photo: Stephen Kang for Shoott)

What a difference a year makes. On Christmas Day 2019, I was in Nigeria with family. I know, you’re thinking: sunlight, fresh air, fresh coconut, and music by the beach, right? Well I did get to the beach twice, but I must confess that I spent way too much time in client meetings on Zoom.

Between delivering client reports, a December newsletter, and content plan for the coming year, I was burned out, resentful, and full of regret come 2020, having neglected spending time with family I hadn’t seen in years.

I returned to NYC, in February 2020, wondering why…

Nafissatou Diallo & Dominique Strauss-Kahn (2011)

It’s been nearly four years since the first accusations against Harvey Weinstein broke, opening the floodgates on revelations of sexual assault in the workplace.

When a hashtag, #MeToo — first used in 2006, by social activist and community organizer Tarana Burke, to empower black and brown women and girls — went viral in 2017, it ignited a global movement of women sharing their stories of harassment and violence.

It was a virtual truth commission in 140 characters.

The perpetrators had gotten away with these crimes for years; and, for those they harassed, it seemed as though they would never pay…

Marya Jan: Consultant and Ad Strategist? Or small business scammer?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written on Medium, and unfortunately it’s another bad review that’s drawn me out of pandemic hibernation. Very rarely have I written company reviews on the web, and this is the second such review I’m writing on Medium. My experience has been so bad that I simply could not let the moment pass without bringing it to public attention. I will try to keep it brief.

I am in the midst of revamping my online business and considering a new marketing funnel to advertise my services. If you’re like me, you might find yourself Googling all…

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

On February 2nd, when I returned from a 6-week trip to visit family in Nigeria, the novel coronavirus was already ravaging China.

At JFK, the officers at the international terminal wore gloves and cheap surgical masks as they herded hundreds of passengers through a winding path to customs. The officers closest to me — two Caribbean women in their mid-to-late forties — wore their masks half covering their mouths, so they could chat easily with each other. Watching them, I chuckled, wondering why they bothered with the masks at all if they didn’t wear them properly. …

At the home of my late grandmother (pictured in photo) in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

What’s the one thing that, if you achieve it, would totally transform your life in 2020?

Take a minute and think about it. Close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like, all the ways it would shift your daily experience. Jot it down, if you like. We’ll get back to it.

Two weeks into 2020, I was already over this year and ready for 2021.

A lot of it had to do with the fact that I was still trying to wrap up 2019 projects and commitments that had bled into the new year. No matter how much…

Counting coins to fund your project? Maybe you should try crowdfunding.

Hi, there. Are you thinking about launching a crowdfunding campaign for your project?

You’ve been thinking about it for years, quietly clicking on all your friends’ and colleagues’ campaign pages, giving a few dollars here or there, or secretly watching their success or demise, filing it away for later.

You’re waiting for the perfect time to launch, when you’re feeling the most confident, have the perfect project, the perfect fallback position if it doesn’t work, and a hype crew to egg you on.

Still waiting? Ok. That’s an approach.

But what’s really stopping you from launching your campaign this year?

Making a living in NYC is a constant hustle.

A while ago, I wrote an essay about my experience making a living as a creative in New York City. The response was so overwhelming that I created a survey, posted it on LinkedIn and Facebook, and received responses from more than 100 artists and creatives.

The majority of respondents were 25- to 44-years-old (86%), female identified (at 70%, compared to 25% male, 2% gender nonconforming, and 1% transgender male), and BA/BFA holders (at 46%, compared to 17% MFA holders, 43% self taught, and 10% apprenticeship learners).

Respondents worked as freelancers or teaching artists, or had odd jobs ranging from…

Pulling your hair out at work? A new study shows you’re not alone.

Sometimes I feel like I could write a book about the drama of working while black and female in the world. If you add to that the fact I also write and make films, and am Nigerian-American, then I could write the unabridged encyclopedia and atlas.

Life imitated art when I worked at a consulting firm, a little while ago, helping a client scale up on equity internally. Most organizations seem (claim?) …

A great idea + a crowd = money! :-)

With a biology degree from Stanford University, I got my first real job at a global health communications firm that represented clients such as the CDC, NIH, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Global Health Program.

It was exciting for awhile, raising awareness of critical health issues like maternal health, child mortality, cancer, and HIV/AIDS prevention. I designed presentations and wrote media briefs summarizing news of all the great things our clients, global thought leaders, were doing. It was an entry-level position, but I was guaranteed to move up as long as I was quick and efficient, which I was.

Iquo B. Essien

Writer, creator, and consultant to artists and entrepreneurs. NYU Film & Stanford alumna. Let’s chat:

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